Home Remodeling in Fall River, MA

If you are in need of home remodeling or repairs done, M Sardinha & Sons Plumbing & Heating Inc. is here to help. With heating and plumbing contractors that have been in the industry for decades, you can expect a fair and accurate assessment.
Bathroom with Fancy Shower — Home Remodeling in Fall River, MA
Toilet Cubicles — Home Remodeling in Fall River, MA
Luxury Bathroom — Home Remodeling in Fall River, MA


Plumbing repairs are our specialty. New installations and remodeling bathrooms are common, and we have these jobs down to a science. We are able to put in new plumbing, move fixtures, and a lot more. Floor plans are drawn up to give you an idea of what the room will look like when completed.


Both gas and oil heat is handled by us, along with radiant, steam, and solar heat. We can do installations or repairs, mostly on hydroponic heat. Let us provide an estimate on any new system and we can have it installed in no time. Be sure to ask us about heating efficiently.